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Hey all,

Welcome to Jen and Rog’s travel blog.  We’re setting out on an adventure that is still pretty undefined for us at this point.  Here’s what we know:

  • Alaska – June 2nd we fly to Bellingham, WA.  Take a ferry up through the inside passage, 3 kayak trips (near Sitka to Samsing cabin  for 3 days, near Juneau for 3 days and Glacier Bay for 6 days), fly to Achorage, train to Denali, backpack near Denali for 6 days, fly home from Fairbanks.
  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail – for a month (basically the John Muir Trail, but probably from Tahoe to Whitney).
  • South America…don’t know where or for how long…yet.  Trying to lock down some contract work.  What ends up happening will depend a bit on that.  Right now, we’re looking at opportunities in Peru (working on a Presidential Campaign), Chile (Water quality work), Nicaragua (Witness for Peace).  There’s lots of other stuff in the mix and a lot of leads that we’ haven’t finished following up on.  More to come on this front!

Rog and Jen’s travels – some old stuff, some new stuff

This blog has a collection of the travel update emails that Jen and Rog compiled during our 2001-2002 round the world trip. We're off to do a bit more trekking around, and thought it would be nice import those old emails. Enjoy!

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